Original fly pattern

En me renseignant sur les nouveautés dans les produits de montage de mouche sur le site de la société West Water Products qui produit les fameux thingamabody j’ai trouvé des patrons de mouches vraiment originaux autant sur l’aspect visuel que sur le concept, en effet selon le site « These unique flies present an ironic twist, combining the art and materials of fly tying with the sport of bird hunting. The bird becomes the fly, becomes the bird…fly » En gros l’oiseau devient la mouche qui devient l’oiseau… mouche

Mes préférés le colvert et la bernache  :


Mais il y a aussi le dindon sauvage:

et le mégot de cigarette!!


Jazz & Fly fishing

Un guitariste, un pianiste, un batteur et un bassiste, tous scandinaves et qui partagent  la même passion pour la musique et la pêche à la mouche; voila de quoi est formé ce quartet jazz nordique hors norme.

Le concept de Jazz & Fly Fishing a été créé en 2008 et les 4 Jazzman/pêcheurs ont décidé de faire une tournée de un an où ils ont partagé leurs deux passions et ce voyage aura servi de base à un documentaire tv (encore en production)

Petite présentation du groupe et de leur philosophie ainsi qu’une petite vidéo pour ceux qui aiment moins la lecture.

Je vous invite à visiter leur site pour plus de détails sur chacun des musiciens ou les activités en cours.

From Jazz & Fly Fishing Website

Jazz & Fly Fishing is a jazz band where all four members are passionate fly fishermen. These four jazzcats dedicated one year of their lives to the Jazz & Fly Fishing tour. Making this tour happen wasn´t easy, but they pulled it off, and did the tour of a lifetime. They went head-on into an adventure that no one believed in or had done before. This site is their blog and the official website of the Jazz & Fly Fishing group.

The band was touring all summer 2009, and the tour was filmed to make a TV series about their adventures. At this time, the TV series is in post-production.

Now, the first tour is  done, but of course there will be lots more gigs coming up. We’ll let you know – so join the mailing list!


Jazz and fly fishing – what in the world do they have in common? Well, seemingly not that much. That is, until Jazz and Fly Fishing, a freshly-squeezed new concept devoted to the two was launched in 2008. Picture this: a “cream of the crop” jazz quartet of established young generation Nordic jazzmen take off on a fly fishing tour around Finland, Sweden and Norway playing gigs at big festivals, small jazz clubs and arctic hills alike. Needless to say, they spend all their spare time fly fishing beautiful rapids and peaceful mountain lakes. But that is just the starting point.

What really happens is improvisation. Fly fishing, a delicate improvisers’ game if there ever was one, is much about not letting the unexpected fool you. “The golf of fishing”, as it’s called, is in some aspects much like jazz, a world of interwoven details and meanings proved lethally addictive and endlessly rich with information.

The point, however, is not to marry jazz and fly fishing by force, but to do it effortlessly. Thus, the equipment and band members plus staff are fitted in to a bus that holds all necessary instruments for jazz and fly fishing. All this is executed with a touch of class, fishing with suits on, performing concerts in never-before-seen out of town settings.

Imagine a cracking modern jazz original next to the never-ending Northern summer light, a trout’s playful jump somewhere on the background, perhaps a nice slice of arctic char being cooked on the pan courtesy of the chef’s masterful touch. Make no mistake, though, nature hosts and jazz is the guest.